Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

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Let Firehouse Moving & Delivery take care of your office furniture and equipment needs. We will protect your investments with the care and satisfaction you deserve.

Our personnel will visit with you and outline all particulars needed to make your business move or relocations as easy as possible. You will be assured of quality service at a competitive price.

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Moving may not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but planning ahead will go a long way toward making the process bearable:

  • All items to be moved should be labeled.
  • For equipment (copiers, etc.) or other items that requires special handling or pre-move preparation, make arrangements with the vendor's technician/rep in advance of the move date.
  • Do not pack boxes too full or over-flowing. Use an extra box instead.
  • Seal tops of boxes with tape. Please do not inter-fold the flaps.
  • Please place labels on the ends of box only.
  • Contact the phone company, security or other companies that you do service with three (3) weeks in advance of your move date. Request any changes "in writing" and mail to the proper person, even if they tell you that a fax or email will do. These companies require a paper trail.
  • Do not assume that a vendor will contact another vendor to inform them of your move. For example, if your T1 line is with one ISP and another vendor owns the lines, you must talk with both. Do not assume that they talk to each other. Once again, put everything in writing. This is something that should be handled eight (8) weeks in advance of your move.
  • Contact your security company to cancel your service at one location and set it up at the new location.
  • Mail your moving notice to the post office 7-10 days before moving.
  • Standard file cabinets can generally be moved with the contents intact.
  • Storage cabinets, lateral files, bookshelves and bookcase contents should be packed in moving cartons.
  • Contents of libraries, file rooms and storage areas are sometimes best moved on book carts to save time and packing materials.
  • All loose items should be packed up prior to move. It is generally the responsibility of each staff person to pack up and label his or her own work area or desk.
  • Desks items should be removed from desks prior to the move and packed in cartons. It is helpful to use some small envelopes for pencils, paper clips and other small items.
  • Label large framed pictures and maps and leave on the wall. Take down small pictures and unframed posters and pack in boxes.
  • Computers and other electrical equipment should be disconnected. The cords should be coiled fastened with rubber bands and labeled.